Rifles and Calibres
Rifle calibres will be determined by which species are
to be hunted. Calibres ranging from 7mm to the popular30 calibres are recommended for plains game while the use of a .375 H.H is required by law for the hunting of dangerous game. Use only best premium ammo in both soft and solid bullets. The recommendations of your outfitter or P.H. are very important. Most hunting is done in the bushveld areas
where a slower, heavier bullet is Essential.

Bow and Bird hunting

We are proud to offer some of the finest areas exclusive for serious bow hunters. These concessions are equipped to suite bow hunters. High stands or hides at selected places offer outstanding success on the toughest game. As many as 10-15 species can be hunted on one safari of 10 days. Fast bows with heavy arrows and two sided blades are recommended. Good dove, francolin,guinea fowl and duck hunting can be enjoyed for the avid bird hunter or just to relax after a hard hunt.